Before Mike Hughes revolutionized the creative process at the Martin Agency in Richmond, Virginia, he was one-half of the Hughes-Wynne creative boutique in Richmond.  Bill Wynne was the art director and Mike was the copywriter of this tremendously talented team.  This writer was proud to be one of their partners.

While at my previous agency, we were growing faster than our creative department could handle the increased workload in a timely manner.  On a recommendation from an Atlanta based agency, we contacted Mike and Bill.  What started as a few projects, turned into a relationship that lasted until Bill’s untimely death.  By then, Mike had joined the Martin Agency.

In the ‘70s and ‘80s, Richmond was one of the countries trendsetters in print advertising.  Populated with great graphic artists, photographers and typesetters, Richmond offered a wealth of talent, including one typesetter that only set headlines (does anyone remember typesetters?).


Clients often ask about creative and what makes a great ad.  I’ve included a sample of an ad from Mike and Bill that is over 35 years old.  I’ll let you be the judge, but this ad could run today in a musical instrument magazine or on a website.  If creating an ad that is timeless defines great work, then Mike and Bill knew what they were doing.

Unfortunately, both Mike and Bill are gone – Bill from a camping accident and Mike from a 16-year battle with lung cancer.  Their work lives on and what I learned from them was invaluable.

About Tom Mattern Tom has decades of experience in a multitude of industries for numerous clients, from poultry to Apple Computers and everything in between. He brings that experience to the table as a guiding force for the youthful team at Marketshare Plus.