Rinker Boats

Started in the 1930’s, Rinker Boats has a long heritage of crafting fiberglass sport boats and express cruisers right on the shores of Lake Wawasee in Syracuse, Ind.

Executive Summary

After being sold to an investment group 10 years ago, the Rinker Boat name returned to the management team that helped it grow into a national brand decades ago. After a few years of lost momentum in all aspects of marketing and with an ageing brand, Rinker was looking for a website that would standout in a crowded market and truly speak to customers.

  • Developed a performance-focused brand design
  • Scripted a powerful narrative that highlights the company’s value
  • Produced a custom made, responsive website


While under the wing of previous ownership, the Rinker brand was thought to be on the edge of extinction. From the get-go, Marketshare+ had to devise a plan that would fight the stigma of a brand that had been left to die, in both the eyes of consumers and dealers.

Not only did that mean Rinker needed a presence that would alert their old customer base, but they also had to look towards attracting new business. Living in a crowded market where a majority of potential customers had difficulty identifying brands, Rinker needed a look that would set their self apart from others.

How We Helped

Looking for maximum target market impact on a small budget, the arrow pointed towards producing a new website that could serve as a foundation for all marketing efforts.  After rounds of research and planning, Marketshare+ narrowed the target audience down to two markets: those who seek performance with their boats, versus those who are looking to create family memories out on the water. After additional research, new technology seemed outweighed nostalgia during a buying decision, thus came “The Rinker Value.”

With that in mind, Marketshare+ began designing a completely custom website. With the most up to date UX design details at work, customers are led through a website that illustrates the power and performance features that customers can expect from the Rinker Value.

View the site here.


The Process

From start to finish on this website we were mindful of how we wanted users to interact and use the website. During early ideations of the site we created mood boards to organize stylistic choices and explore different strategies. We utilize Invision to help us organize all our ideas in one place and contribute as a team. Check out our board here.

  • Typography Pairings
  • Color Options
  • Aesthetic Research
  • Competitive Designs