Specialty Insurance Group (SIG), based in Indianapolis, Indiana, is a member company of Everest Re Group, Ltd. and operates within the specialty insurance industry. Focused on the development of customer relationships and creative programs that fit the business models of their partners, SIG provides a multitude of programs within the sports, leisure and entertainment markets.

As a member company of Everest Re Group, Ltd., SIG offers excellent financial support through the rating strength of its affiliates, Everest National Insurance Company and Everest Indemnity, both rated A+, XV by A.M. Best. In addition, SIG also has strong working relationships with other leading A rated or better insurance companies and Lloyd’s of London brokers.

Executive Summary

SIG is a recent entry into the specialty insurance industry, created by business veterans to better address the needs of today’s sports, leisure and entertainment industries.  Instead of simply using rubber stamp policies, SIG was created with the goal of creating an insurance industry that focused on thought leadership and tackling the most difficult of insurance challenges—issues that other agencies will not, or could not, address.

SIG had a strong desire and need for market differentiation. Their leadership envisioned a company that both externally and internally was as different as the services they provided. After a lengthy selection process, Marketshare+ was tasked with the creation of a brand that embraced SIG’s attitude and had the ability to disrupt the specialty insurance market in order to meet SIG’s goals for rapid growth. 

Creating the Never Stop campaign and tag, Marketshare+ developed that very brand for SIG. The campaign is a narrative that embraced humanity’s pursuit throughout sports and entertainment, while entwining the knowledge that insurance policies and products from SIG allow businesses and individuals to continue to their pursuit of that next level.  

  • Created the initial Never Stop branding, positioning and introductory campaign
  • Built the new SIG corporate website, embracing the brand positioning and vibrancy of the company
  • Developed new marketing materials, one-sheeters and additional collateral

The Challenges

SIG entered a market with multiple mature market members, including American Specialty, K&K and Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance.  SIG was faced with a competition for market share with two established agencies, and another with nearly unlimited capital backing. 

The specialty insurance industry is also heavily relationship based, with some broker-underwriter relationships extending back decades. SIG was now tasked with not only prompting usage of their services, but also getting customers to switch from their previously existing relationships. In addition, SIG had to accomplish this all while continuing to grow and refine their business, operations and services. 

Never Stop Campaign

How We Helped

Marketshare+ created the “Never Stop” campaign and brand positioning, stepping away from the industry standard cold, plain and pure facts based advertising. The campaign was built up from the core belief that SIG holds true: they make sure that people get to continue doing what they love.  Never Stop became an internal and external rallying cry and call to action all in one.

To further the SIG brand, Marketshare+ worked to create a site that embraced the campaign and the company’s new positioning while providing a central location for all of SIG’s externally facing information.   Marketshare+ continued that effort offline as well, creating sales collateral and fact sheets for brokers and SIG employees. 

Marketshare+ also worked with SIG to create an encompassing public relations campaign to help further both awareness of SIG and their goal of a “thought leadership” industry position.

Website was built on Dot Net Nuke.
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