teds market

Teds market is a local market on Fort Wayne’s northside, providing a range of healthy foods from their scratch-bake goods to locally-sourced produce.

Executive Summary

First of its kind grocery, teds market, was looking to enter a Fort Wayne market that is currently owned by multimillion dollar grocery chains and an audience that is still becoming familiar with healthy eating trends. Channeling the traditional needs of a neighborhood market, our team took a small budget and discovered ways to construct a brand and produce free publicity. With the campaign in full swing the week of the grand opening, we were able to double the amount of Facebook likes and harness interviews with every major local media outlet.

  • Developed 16+ branded and cohesive collateral pieces
  • Increases Facebook page likes by 280% during the week of the grand opening
  • Produce free publicity with six published interviews in one week


Long since were the days of mom-and-pop shops in a city where malls, chain restaurants and 100,000+ square foot grocery stores ruled the land. Being the first ever teds market, the 5,000 square foot market not only needed name recognition, but they also needed to justify the benefits of their small size and selection.

With an ambitious dream and passion to bring back the long lost neighborhood market with locally sourced food, teds market needed to find a way to seek out a target audience that already understood the importance and cost of healthy eating.

The biggest physical challenge of the business’s was to transform an old church into a market. With multiple setbacks and delay of opening, all the interest that was being created would be temporarily paralyze due to lack of tangible product.

How We Helped

Teds market came to us looking for a strategy to aid in the mission of standing apart from big grocery stores.

We began by developing a brand that focuses on food in its purest form. Teds market stood for the simple way of preparing a healthy meal to cook for your family; therefore we based the brand around depicting simplicity. From raw vegetables to the grains that build the bread, the website, logo, copy and collateral utilized these wholesome ingredients to shape the promise of making eating simple again.

Once establishing the brand’s voice, we implemented a mix of paid and owned media strategy via social media, email and publicity campaigns that allowed us to narrate the market’s story.