You Need Results

Specifically, from your advertising and marketing.  Every dollar spent, it’s more than a budget number to be spent every month—it’s an investment, something you expect to produce growth, to yield results.

Today’s competitive age requires a better approach—simply checking off the boxes is not enough.  Great design and creative are not enough.  You have to be smarter—

you have to see a return on your marketing efforts, a return on your investment.

That’s something we take pride in delivering: results.  Below are some examples of us doing just that, and we’d love to do so for you.


The Trans Am Series 

Once the pinnacle of American motorsport and gold standard for road racing world wide, the once illustrious Trans Am Series had fallen on hard times.  In 2011 the formerly robust fields of American iron thundering down the straights and through the esses of racetracks across the United States had dwindled to a few entries, as the Series clung on for sheer survival.

Enter The Trans Am Race Company, formed with the end goal of resurrecting the legendary Series to its former glory.   Marketshare+ was enlisted in the Spring of 2012 to provide marketing, advertising and public relations.

Instead of launching a mass-media campaign or a large-scale public outreach program, Marketshare+ worked to facilitate competitor centric communications that focused on helping increase the competitor base—attracting new drivers to come test their skill in the reinvigorated Trans Am.   Team marketing materials were produced, while Trans Am’s race and weekend recaps were written with a specific target market in mind: the eventual Trans Am competitor.

Marketshare+ emphasized the historic road courses Trans Am visits and the unique, cost-effective racing platforms it showcases.  While the message incorporated what was happening in Trans Am, the underlying theme, tone, and style always prompted trial.

The result?  Today once more finds a far different Trans Am.  A Trans Am that will open its 2017 season at Sebring International Raceway on March 5, 2017, featuring a field of 73 cars.  A Trans Am backed by a CBS Sports network broadcast package and which recently entered a formal partnership with Pirelli & C. SpA, entitling the Series the Trans Am Series, presented by Pirelli.


The International Motorsports Industry Show

The International Motorsports Industry Show was created in the wake of the Pro Racing Industry Show’s departure from its traditional home in Indianapolis, Indiana, to Orlando, Florida. The departure left long-time motorsports industry staples based in Indiana both frustrated and concerned, as Indianapolis’ title of Motor Racing Capital of the World began to fall to the wayside.

Marketshare+ was enlisted to create a distinctive logo and look for the show before commencing a year-long campaign to boost exhibitor and attendee enrollment, while reinforcing Indianapolis as the Motor Racing Capital of the World. Through direct mail efforts and advertising placement in key industry publications, Marketshare+ worked with IMIS to position the show as a gathering for “hardcore racers,” not fringe industry members, resulting in a targeting of key decision makers and manufacturers. Marketshare+ produced all creative materials utilized in both traditional channels and direct mail efforts, while developing signage for both within the convention center and for use throughout downtown Indianapolis.

The campaign resulted in consistent growth from 2009 to 2012, immediately coming into competition with the then Orlando-based Pro Racing Industry Show.

  • 2009: IMIS sold over 112,00 square feet of exhibits with 23,000 attendees.
  • 2010: Exhibition space was nearly doubled to over 200,000 square feet while attendance increased to 37,000.
  • 2011: Sold out and filled convention center, over 40,000 attendees.
  • 2012: Moved into expanded new convention center while over 50,000 attended the show, putting IMIS on par in attendance with PRI.

In 2013, both the Pro Racing Industry Show and International Motorsports Industry Show were acquired by SEMA (Specialty Equipment Manufacturer’s Association) and consolidated. The “reunified” Pro Racing Industry Show then returned home to Indianapolis, securing its position at the heart of the motor racing industry.  The “new” PRI proceeded to break all existing PRI or IMIS attendance numbers.


Specialty Insurance Group

Specialty Insurance Group (SIG), based in Indianapolis, Indiana, is a member company of Everest Re Group, Ltd. and operates within the specialty insurance industry.

A recent market entrant, SIG was created by business veterans to better address the needs of today’s sports, leisure and entertainment industries. Instead of simply using rubber-stamp policies, SIG was started with the goal of creating an insurance industry that focused on thought leadership and tackling the most difficult of insurance challenges—issues that other agencies would not, or could not, address.

SIG had a strong desire and need for market differentiation. Their leadership envisioned a company that both externally and internally was as different as the services they provided. After a lengthy selection process, Marketshare+ was tasked with the creation of a brand that embraced SIG’s attitude and had the ability to disrupt the specialty insurance market in order to meet SIG’s goals for rapid growth.

Creating the “Never Stop” campaign and tag, Marketshare+ developed that very brand for SIG. The campaign is a narrative that embraces humanity’s pursuit throughout sports and entertainment, while entwining the knowledge that insurance policies and products from SIG allow businesses and individuals to continue in their pursuit of that next level.

In designing this campaign, SIG stepped away from the industry-standard cold, plain and pure facts-based advertising. The campaign was built up from the core belief that SIG holds true: Making sure that people get to continue doing what they love. “Never Stop” became an internal and external rallying cry and call to action all in one.

To further the SIG brand, Marketshare+ worked to create a website that embraced the campaign and the company’s new positioning while providing a central location for all of SIG’s externally facing information.

Marketshare+ continued that effort offline as well, creating sales collateral and fact sheets for brokers and SIG employees.

Marketshare+ also worked with SIG to create an encompassing public relations campaign to help further both awareness of SIG and their goal of a “thought leadership” industry position.


Auburn Gear

After struggling to gain market traction with its new line of aftermarket ring and pinions, Auburn Gear Inc. solicited the assistance of Marketshare+ in an attempt to re-launch the product line.  Instead of taking a broad, sweeping approach, Marketshare+ focused on educating existing distributors through content-driven communications—the first of which generated approximately $60,000 in sales.


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