The time has come to close Marketshare+ after 26 years of business and my 45 years in the ad biz.  It’s been a great run, full of marvelous friendships and working with some of the most talented people I’ve had the pleasure to know.

To the clients who gave us the privilege to serve, thank you.  I have great memories of the challenges you presented to us and the successes we produced together.  From shutting down Pennsylvania in Washington D.C., to take a sunrise photo to the last glow of a sunset at a boat shoot in the Florida Gulf, my memories are a visual timepiece going back to 1973.  Much has been said (mostly by Art Directors and clients) about nobody reading long copy anymore, so thanks to one and all for filling my career overflowing.

For my fellow “lefties,” remember there’s always room for us even if it’s on the corner of the table.

Tom Mattern


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